Schultheis & Panettieri, LLP serves labor organizations and employee benefit funds on Long Island and throughout the northeast. Many of our clients have been with us since inception and over the years, substantially all of our growth has come from recommendations of our existing client base. We believe this success is a direct result of our staff possessing a thorough understanding of labor organizations and Taft Hartley Funds and a high comfort level handling their audit and accounting needs.

Labor organizations and employee benefit plans make up a significant portion of our client base. This is a unique type of client that requires a unique set of skills. We assist every one of our staff in acquiring the necessary knowledge and work experience to effectively and efficiently work on these types of clients.

In addition to labor organizations and employee benefit plans, we also provide services to other types of not-for-profit organizations and for-profit organizations. Your career at Schultheis & Panettieri, LLP could focus on any of these client types.

Schultheis & Panettieri, LLP also maintains several different departments within the CPA firm’s structure. Departments include auditing, accounting services, payroll audits and taxation. Our rapid growth allows us to constantly look for talented people in each of these areas.

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Allison Newton, Human Resources, at [email protected]