William R. Shannon


“It is a good feeling to work for a CPA firm that fosters mutual respect and understanding. Our team provides an atmosphere of trust and commitment to our clients."

A graduate of Fordham University, Bill joined Schultheis & Panettieri, LLP in January 2001 as an Audit Supervisor and was promoted to Director in 2014.

Data Analysis Specialist

Since 1986, Bill has spent most of his career performing and directing payroll audits in relation to multiemployer benefit funds. At Schultheis & Panettieri, LLP, he works closely with many clients and is dedicated to giving each client excellent service. Bill has a multifaceted role in the Payroll Audit Department including; streamlining the payroll audit process, developing specialized client reports to assist clients with tracking employer remittance information, and developing procedures to allocate payroll audit findings more efficiently.

Bill is very talented in the use of spreadsheet software and is an invaluable source throughout the firm. Always willing to help, Bill is often sought out for assistance in analyzing and reporting on vast amounts of data.

Industry Participation

In order to keep abreast of current developments in his specialized field, Bill has participated in various graduate courses covering such diverse topics as Collective Bargaining Agreements, Labor Law and Dispute Resolution.